Our Mission with purpose


To provide discounted rehabilitation (physical therapy) services

To provide discounted veterinary medical and surgical services


Canine Rescue Organizations devote up to 90% of their funds towards medical, surgical and rehabilitative services for their fostered dogs. There are no existing veterinary or rehabilitation facilities that offer these services at a discount to these organizations. This expense limits the organizations’ ability to provide the services they are uniquely equipped to do- foster additional dogs and allocate funds towards much needed public education and other services.

The goal of Dog Dreams Foundation is to work in partnership with canine rescue organizations by providing these services to them at a discount, with the ultimate goal being a decreased stray/abandoned dog population, improved spay/neuter programs, and a safer and more educated public.


  • Creating a full service, all-inclusive medical, surgical and rehabilitation facility in San Diego County. To include ability to hospitalize patients for extended periods as dictated by the medical, surgical or rehabilitative requirements of the patient.
  • Provide discounted Veterinary Medical, Surgical and Rehabilitation Services to canines currently being fostered in rescue organizations. These services will be provided as either out-patient or in-patient, and will be determined on a case-to-case basis.
  • Externship opportunity with Western University & Mesa College
  • Residence for Veterinarian would be located on-site to allow for optimal care of patients.


  • Veterinarians:
    • General Practice – 1
    • Surgeons – paid when services provided;
      amount paid dependent on number of hours worked and personal supplies used
      (to be invoiced by surgeon following surgeries).
  • Veterinary interns (Western University) 1-2 (volunteer; university pays)
  • Front Desk – 1 (covers hospital & boarding)
  • Technicians – 2 (for hospital)
  • Rehabilitation (physical therapy):
    • Hydrotherapy technician – 2
    • PT (Physical Therapists or CCRT) – 2


100% of proceeds directly allocated to DDF

  • General Veterinary medical services:
    • Veterinarian Exam
    • U/S (cardiac or abdominal)
    • Radiographs
    • FNA / Biopsy
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Ear Flush
    • Medicated baths, Anal Glands, Nail trims
    • Medication
    • Vaccines
    • Biopsy/Culture/other to lab
    • Lab work to lab

  • Surgical services:
    • TPLO, TTA
    • Extracapsular, MPL
    • THR
    • FHO
    • MRI
    • Other Orthopedic
    • Lamenectomy
    • Myelogram
    • Spay/Neuter
    • Wound / Laceration, Abscess, Hematoma repair
    • Mass Removal (non-benign)
    • Mass Removal (neoplasia or large)
    • Foreign Body removal


  • As currently outlined on Tsavo’s Canine Rehabilitation Center website (tsavoscaninerehab.com) for general public.
  • 50%-off for Rescue Organizations & canines adopted from rescue organizations.