“So impressed and grateful”

]Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles has been working with Maja Wichtowski and Tsavo’s Canine Rehab for four years and rely heavily on her expertise and advice for our dozens of dachshunds who are recovering from IVDD back surgery or car accidents, or rehabbing their various orthopedic problems from necks to backs to broken limbs.

We are so impressed and grateful for the quality of care that our motley hard luck beasts receive at Tsavo’s.   Maja has a fine tuned ability to evaluate and treat complex problems.  Our dogs’ recovery rate is shockingly good!   We had no idea so many who seemed to be long term and intractable cases who walked again.  Their willingness to subsidize/help us provide sponsors for their care is critical in being able to save as many doxies as possible…the broken and paralyzed are very vulnerable and not likely to be rescued from the shelter due to cost and fear.

Our DRLA foster moms have a strong relationship with Maja because of her generous rescue oriented mind-set.  Her loyalty and love to our foster dogs shows.  She puts what is best for the dog first.

We wish there were Tsavo’s Rehab Centers all over California to help more endangered dogs!

Tamara Pitman, Founder
Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles

We love Tsavo’s Canine Rehab!

And after you have the privilege of being in their surroundings, we guarantee you will too… This is where magic is made.

Maja and the Tsavo’s team are nothing short of extraordinary.  They work magic.  I am the Director of Animal Synergy.  We specifically work with special needs, super seniors and hospice cases who have run out of time at Animal Control.  I consider Tsavo’s to be (and I know I am not the only one) deeply dedicated partners in the critical rehabilitation and healing of so many (okay, all) of Synergy’s dogs.  With little chance of survival, much less adoption in overcrowded shelters, due to serious medical challenges, our “love nuggets” as we affectionately describe the companion animals in our program, now have new lives and homes with loving foster and forever families to boot.  And it is integral to know that it doesn’t stop there…not only are the animals’ lives changed, but the people involved in this rehabilitation are blown away inspired and therefore create more change.  It’s a spiral effect of love and awareness and the possibilities are endless.  Tsavo’s is at the top of the game.  They know this field inside and out, and if anybody deserves the very best facility recognition and awareness, it’s Tsavo’s, hands down.

Thank you doesn’t do them justice.

Tsavo’s, we love you.  Simply put – you are the change, you are the magic, and we could not run Synergy, or help the animals at this top level of care without you.  We promise the animals the very best and you help us keep this promise.  You are the best!  You are kind, generous, compassionate and knowledgeable – combine these four qualities and you get an incredible force and that force – that is Maja (founder of Tsavo’s)

Carla Naden. Director, Animal Synergy